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Our collection of high-quality lash fans are the future in the lash industry. Perfect for both beginner and advanced lash technicians our Pre made fans are designed to create an easier application process, speed up your lash time, and create stunning sets your clients will love. Our premade lash fans are made from korean BPT silk and are currently the darkest fans availible on the market.  We offer a wide range of premade fans to help create so many styles including natural set, hybrid set, mega volume set. We garuntee you will love the quality of our pre made fans, they are light weight ,natural feeling and are extremely consistent with there lengths which is Highly appreciated by advanced lash technicians. Embrace the future of lash extensions with our Pre Made Volume Fans Collection. Experience the time-saving convenience, consistent results, and ease of application that these fans provide. Browse our collection now and revolutionize your lash business with the power of PreMade Lash Fans

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