Pre Made Volume Fan Mega Trays

Introducing lash nation supplies Pre made fan mega tray collection,If you're serious about saving big money on lashes without compromising on quality, you're in the right place. Our Mega Collection offers unbeatable value with bulk trays of pre-made volume fans, ensuring you never run out of your favourite lash extensions again
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What are XL Mega Trays for pre-made volume fans?

XL Mega Trays for pre-made volume fans are larger-sized trays that contain a substantial quantity of pre-made lash fans. These trays are designed to offer lash artists significant savings and convenience by providing a bulk supply of high-quality pre-made volume fans in various sizes, lengths, and curls

These trays are a cost-effective solution, as they offer a larger quantity of fans at a reduced price per fan compared to purchasing individual regular-sized trays. XL Mega Trays are perfect for busy lash artists who want to streamline their lash extension process, increase productivity, and save time during application.

Cost comparison Between XL vs Regular tray

Regular Tray (4D.07):

  • Fans per Tray: 132
  • Cost: $13.50
  • Cost per Fan with Regular Tray: $13.50 / 132 fans = $0.10 cents per fan

XL Mega Tray (4D.07):

  • Fans per Tray: 440
  • Cost: $31.50

Cost per Fan with Mega Tray: $31.50 / 440 fans = $0.7 cents per fan

Savings and Extra Fans:
With the Mega Tray for $31.50, you get 440 fans.
With $31.50 worth of regular tray value $13.50, you would only get 308 fans