Pre Made Volume Fan Regular Trays

Our Regular Trays are perfect for lash artists of all levels, delivering efficiency and stunning results with every lash set. Enjoy the convenience of pre-made fans that save you time and effort, allowing you to focus on creating lash perfection for your valued clients. Shop with complete confidence knowing that our fans are currently the darkest Black available on the market and that they are used by professionals worldwide.
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Difference between pre-made volume fans and hand-made volume fans for lash extensions?

Embrace the Future of Lash Extensions

Pre-made fans are a revolutionary advancement in the lash industry, offering unparalleled ease and speed. Crafted with precision by our manufacturers, pre-made fans come ready-to-use in trays, eliminating the need for time-consuming hand-fanning. This game-changing innovation ensures consistent and symmetrical volume lash looks without the hassle of manual fan creation.

Hand-Made Fan: A Thing of the Past

Hand-made fans, once a standard in volume lash techniques, are now fading into obscurity due to the superior benefits of pre-made fans. The laborious process of hand-fanning requires extensive practice and skill, often leading to inconsistencies in lash sets and longer application times.

Buy Mega, Save mega

If you're searching for mega savings, look no further than our incredible Mega Fans at Lash Nation Supplies! Designed to offer unbeatable value, our Mega Fans are the perfect choice for busy lash artists who go through lashes quickly and want to stock up on their favorite lash extensions while saving big. Check out the range here ➡️ Mega Trays