1:1 Lash Extension Refresh & Mentoring Course

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    1:1 Lash Extension Refresh & Mentoring Course

    A comprehensive lash extension refresher course

    designed for lash artists who want to sharpen their skills, learn new techniques, and stay updated with industry trends. The program also includes personalised mentoring sessions to address specific challenges and goals.


    This course is for experienced lash artists looking to update their skills.
    - Lash artists returning to the industry after a break.
    - Newly certified lash artists seeking additional support and confidence.
    - Certified lash artists encountering specific technical or business
    - Related challenges in their practice.


    Please get in touch with us to discuss the issues you are having and if we can help you before you book the course in.

    - Advanced techniques
    - Volume lash application
    - Hybrid lash techniques
    - Lash retention issues
    - Troubleshooting & problem solving
    - Common issues and solutions
    - Client consultations and managing expectations
    - Improving lash retention
    - Business &marketing
    - Branding and personal marketing strategies
    - Social media presence and content creation
    - Client retention strategies

    Personalised Support:
    - One-on-one sessions to address individual challenges
    - Feedback on lash techniques and applications
    - Guidance on building and growing a lash business

    Goal Setting:
    - Help with setting and achieving personal and professional goals
    - Regular progress checks and adjustments


    - 1 Day course | 9am - 2pm
    - 1 Live model

    *Mentoring sessions can be held over weekends & weekdays. Please reach out to us before booking in to confirm the available dates.



    At the core of our mission at lash nation is the relentless drive to nurture as many successful lash artists as possible. We view each student as an integral part of our success story, treating them with the utmost care and respect, just as we would have desired when starting our journey in the industry. Our education business is result-driven, with the success of our students being our top priority. It's this unwavering commitment to their success that fuels our passion and purpose in what we do.

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    At our academy, we pride ourselves on creating courses based solely on our firsthand experience. We deeply understand the value of this practical knowledge in effective learning. With each course, we continually improve, drawing from our own journey to refine our teaching methods. This commitment to learning from experience ensures that our students receive the most relevant and valuable education possible. It's this dedication to understanding the ins and outs of our craft that sets us apart, driving our success and leaving our students satisfied with the depth of expertise they gain from our courses.


    At Lash Nation, we prioritize ongoing support as one of the top three pillars of our approach. Throughout our courses, we emphasize the importance of feeling comfortable to ask questions, both during and after completion. We understand firsthand the immense value of this support, having experienced its impact on our own journey as lash artists. Our commitment to ongoing support ensures that our students have the resources and assistance they need to succeed, long after they've completed their training with us.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Mentoring with Shanai

    I reached out to Shanai last year and told her that I was struggling with a few things, one being retention. In the few hours I was with Shanai, I learnt more in 4-5 hours than I did in 2 years. Her attention to detail & quality is phenomenal. My work has progressed so much since last September + my business has grown so much since being trained by Shanai. I’ve had clients come back 5+ weeks later with amazing retention still - not to mention the lashes & glue she provides is incredible, all my clients have mentioned how soft they are and are not heavy on the eyes (perfect for my sensitive clients) I cannot thank her enough for all the help and continuous support she has given me. I would highly recommend being trained or mentored by Shanai, I have fallen in love with my job again after nearly giving up cause I was struggling so much. Thank you for helping me find my passion again 🩷

    Vindhiya Jayashri
    Mentoring with Shanai

    I did my mentoring course with shanai back in 2020 and let me tell you it was the BEST decision of my whole entire career, if it wasn’t for her constant guidance and mentoring my business would not be where it is today! She does not gatekeep anything and just genuinely wants the best for you and your business even to this day, she is so helpful with any questions or help wether it’s for things in my business or even advice on how to help my business! I am forever grateful that I did this mentoring session with shanai! Highly recommend!