Lash Nation 2 Day In-Salon Lash Extension Course (1:1)
Lash Nation 2 Day In-Salon Lash Extension Course (1:1)
Lash Nation 2 Day In-Salon Lash Extension Course (1:1)
Lash Nation 2 Day In-Salon Lash Extension Course (1:1)
Lash Nation 2 Day In-Salon Lash Extension Course (1:1)

Lash Nation 2 Day In-Salon Lash Extension Course (1:1)

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We are extremely flexible with course dates, please get in touch if you have specific dates you are wanting Via SMS 0420566635

By enrolling in the Lash Nation Academy, you not only position yourself at the forefront of learning, but you also pave the way for your success by joining a program that offers lifetime support. This means you'll have a reliable resource to consult if you encounter challenges or uncertainties along the way.

Lifetime support

When completing any of lash nation academy courses, You will gain access to a support network where you can ask your educator any
questions that may arise after completing your course. No question is a silly one and we really encourage all our students to take advantage of this when needed.

 Exclusive discounts

With Lash Nation's already established reputation for offering a highly competitive product line within the industry, which is cherished by artists globally, you will acquire a personalised 10% discount code that remains valid for a lifetime. This translates to ongoing savings on all your future orders with Lash Nation

When enrolling into lash nation 3-day master class, here is what is included. Which means the
outstanding cost to learn the expertise of the lash industry from your educator that has years of experience which you will learn is only costing you $1,179

 Student Kit Valued at $480

Beauty Bed Valued at $170

Ring light Valued at $70

After enrolling into Lash nation academy 2-day in salon 1:1 course , you will receive a message of confirmation which will congratulate you and things to prepare prior to your course dates. This is a very exciting step which we will give you a step-by-step process of how to prepare and everything you will need. Please note no further expenses will be required beyond this stage to attend your course.

Lash Nation Academy

2-Day Lash Extension Private class 1 On 1.

📍Arndell Park, Sydney NSW

Begin your empowering journey into the world of beauty with Lash Nation Academy's bespoke two-day, 1-on-1 Lash Extension Course. Especially crafted for those that want to experience the most out of the experience while training with lash nation, this learning experience brings the captivating world of classic, hybrid, and Premade volume lash extensions right at your fingertips, igniting the spark that could redefine your career path. No prior knowledge is necessary; all we require is your passion and aspiration to thrive in this lash industry!

Imagine a course that feels like it was crafted just for you, where your learning, growth, and confidence-building are at the centre of it all. Visualise yourself developing exciting new skills and perfecting your lash artistry craft in a warm, supportive environment where your success and confidence truly matters to us. This course is your golden ticket to boost your talents and propel you towards success in lash extension industry


Lash Application Technique:

  • In-depth instruction on lash anatomy, safety, and sanitation practices.
  • Hands-on Practical experience to develop precise lash isolation and extension application skills.
  • Detailed guidance on Lash lengths, Lash curls, different eye shapes and why mapping is so important
  • The difference between classic, Hybrid and volume lashes 
  • Techniques for achieving optimal lash retention and enhancing client satisfaction.
  • Performing a infill/Removal
  • Hands on practice 1 live models
  • Full kit included $480
  • Beauty bed & Ring light included

Financial Functionality of your business:

  • How to set up your business: registering ABN, Business name, wavier forms & insurances) 
  • Pricing strategies and understanding the value of your services.
  • Marketing and branding techniques to attract and retain clients.
  • Client consultation and communication skills to ensure client satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Strategies for managing on hand stock, tracking expenses, and maximising profitability.

Lash Kit, Beauty Bed and Ring Light Included

Valued at $750


Our lash extension kits are thoughtfully curated with our beloved brand, guaranteeing you a solid foundation for your career by providing you with essential supplies.


  • 4D.07 9MM
  • 4D.07 10MM
  • 4D.07 11MM
  • 4D.07 12MM
  • 4D.07 13MM
  • 4D.07 14MM


  • Ultra Bond Adhesive 
  • Premium Primer
  • Cream Remover 
  • Lash Bath/Cleanser


  • Volume/Classic Tweezers
  • Straight Tweezers
  • Adjustable Lash Mirror
  • Air Puffer


  • Acrylic Tile 
  • Jade Stone
  • Adhesive Wipes
  • Lip Brushes
  • Micro Brushes
  • Mascara Wands
  • Under Gel Eye Pads
  • Mannequin Head
  • Strip Lashes 
  • Green Tape 
  • Transpore Tape 


  • Beauty Bed
  • Ring Light



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Frequently Asked Questions

Meet Shanai

Shanai, the heart and soul of Lash Nation Academy, is more than just an instructor – she's your personal mentor and lash guru. With her own successful 6-figure lash business, Shanai shares not just skills, but real-world business wisdom. Her teaching extends beyond techniques to fostering a nurturing environment where every student feels valued. 

With Shanai's guidance, you'll unlock your full lash potential and gain the expertise to build a thriving beauty business. Your success story starts here at Lash Nation Academy.

If there is anything else that we may have missed about our 2 day lash extension 1 on 1 class please do not hesitate to send me a text and i will happily run through any questions you may have. 0420566635

If Can't make the full payment upfront, but don't want to miss out on your chance to train with the best? Our Course Deposit option is perfect for you! By making a deposit, you lock in your spot in the course, reserving your training date, and allowing you to pay the remaining balance later. 

Your outstanding balance which will be $1,499 will be due on the day of your first training date. this payment must be made prior to arriving to your first training day. there will be a option on this product page which will be the amount of the course minus off the course deposit that has been already paid.

Yes thats correct, pay your course in full and you will receive a 10% incentive for doing so. please get in contact with Shanai if this is a option that suits you please include your name along with what course you would like to do. 0420566635

Yes we are so confident with our past success rate of 300+ students that have completed our 3 day lash extension masterclass that we can put our money where our mouth is. Its simple if you don't learn to lash after completing our 3 day masterclass you will receive a full refund.

Yes, part of why lash nation academy has such a high success rate is due to our post course support which is why we offer Lifetime support where you can feel comfortable to ask anything you like.

After enrolling into our online course, you will receive an email immediately with your online portal details. You will then be able to start your studies.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Sarah B.

I completed my 2 day in-salon lash training course with Shanai and left feeling super confident and excited for the journey ahead. Shanai not only teaches you the application of lashes, but also the ground work of starting and running your own business. Her passion was so motivating and she made me feel so comfortable in taking a leap of faith. I left the 2 day course feeling super confident and fully supported as I ventured off on my own. Even weeks later she is still supporting me with any questions I have. I would highly recommend this training course to any of my friends who wish to take this career path, Shanai was just amazing and I cannot thank her enough x

Braidie S.

I completed my 2 day lash course with Shanai and she provided me with the fundamental knowledge of how to start, run and excel as a lash artist! The ongoing support and encouragement is another perk of completing her course and it has helped me gain confidence in my skills. Highly recommend training with Shanai and adding her products to your lash kits.

jade w.

i did the two day course and it was the most amazing experience i’ve had learning. Shanai made me feel comfortable and let me go at my own pace which i really appreciated, 1000% recommend doing this course!!

Tiana N.

I completed my 2 Day In-salon lash course with Shanai. All i can say is she is absolutely amazing , the amount of lessons she taught me throughout that period of time to help me grow my own lash bussiness is outstanding ! I honestly can’t get enough of everything i learnt & aswell as the kit that’s provided is the best starter ever. Includes everything you need to start lashing! She is so patient & understanding , will help you with needs whenever needed. Seriously she is just the best😍 Head over & start your lash course TODAY! Thanks again babe🤍

Kayla B.

I did the two day course with Shanai and she was so lovely. Went through everything in detail, she was very supportive and explained things very well. Even two months after I have completed my course she still helps me out with questions and advice. Highly recommend Shanai for training