Lash Nation Premium Lash Extension Primer 10ML

Lash Nation Premium Lash Extension Primer 10ML

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Lash Nation premium primer 

The pre-treatment solution that enhances the process for achieving outstanding retention.

Lash Nation Premium Primer is a must have liquid for lash technicians. It cleans the clients natural lashes before applying extensions by removing oil, dirt, and debris that can accumulate over time. This cleansing process is vital for a strong bond between extensions and natural lashes, ensuring that lash extensions stay in place longer. In simpler terms, it's a must-have because it makes lash extensions last and keeps clients happy.


  • Makes the application a lot easier with the pre made fan being able to stick to a clean lash 
  • Prepares and cleans natural lashes, optimising the bond between pre-made and natural lashes.
  • Enhances the process of achieving amazing retention 
  • Cost efficient 
  • Compatible with all types of adhesives

We consider a lash primer an MUST HAVE liquid in every lash technician's kit, regardless of their skill level. It's highly likely that you'll encounter clients who can benefit from the use of a lash primer. Lash Nation Premium Primer is a valuable asset for lash technicians. It simplifies the application process by promoting a cleaner bond between the pre-made fan and the natural lash. This benefits both you as a technician, making your job easier, and your clients, who receive a higher-quality service..

How to use:

  1. Set up your clients eye as usual by applying eye-pads and separating the lower lashes
  2. Using a micro brush/lip brush dispense a drop of premium primer and apply evenly to the natural lash starting 1mm away from the lash all the way to the tip of the lash.
  3. Allow primer to dry, allow 1-2 minutes.
  4. once the primer has dried you can begin application as normal, and will notice how much easier the pre made fan sticks to the natural lash. 

Remember, it's important for lash techs to evaluate each client's lashes and needs to decide if a lash primer is necessary.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tayla K.

I've tried many primers, but the premium lash extension primer is hands down the best. It improves retention and makes the lashes look even more beautiful. So happy with it😊

A L.

The premium lash extension primer is a game-changer. It preps the lashes perfectly, resulting in better adhesion and stunning lash sets. Obsessed! ✨

jessica s.

Great product, does exactly what it says :)