Lash Nation Premium Bonder 15ML
Lash Nation Premium Bonder 15ML
Lash Nation Premium Bonder 15ML
Lash Nation Premium Bonder 15ML
Premium Bonder Application

Lash Nation Premium Bonder 15ML

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Lash Nation Super Bonder 15ML

Increase clients retention by 2-3 weeks, and reduce adhesive fumes.

If you're tired of dealing with poor retention or lacking confidence when your clients leave your salon, it could be the perfect moment to elevate your game by introducing Lash Nation Super Bonder to your salon. 

Your business thrives on satisfied clients, so why risk them seeking better results elsewhere? Don't compromise on retention and give your clients a reason to stay by using lash Nation Super Bonder and achieving the best retention possible.

Lash Nation's Super Bonder is the perfect choice for artists at all skill levels, from beginner to advanced professionals. Incorporating Lash Nation Super Bonder into your lash sets will increase your clients lash retention by 2-3 weeks, Reduce lash adhesive fumes during/after lash application and ultimately bring you immense confidence as a lash artist


  • Increase client retention by 2-3 weeks.
  • Decrease lash adhesive fumes.
  • Cures adhesive instantly.
  • Works great with any adhesive on the market.
  • Cost effective - 200+ application per bottle
  • Increase client satisfaction.

Please note that Lash Nation super bonder is NOT a Lash extension adhesive.



Experience Level


Shelf Life

6 Months when opened


Increase retention, Decrease adhesive fumes

Usage Per bottle

200+ Applications/clients

    What is the purpose of a SUPER BONDER and HOW does it work ?

    A super bonder has be specially designed with components that work with our Lash adhesive components that help create these features which are the main components responsible for lasting retention.


    Using a super bonder at the prior to your lash application ensures that the connection between the natural lash and the pre-made/pro-made fan is strong  This step is crucial in preventing premature lash shedding or lashes falling out during the application process.


    A lash extension bonder acts as a protective barrier over the adhesive and extensions. This barrier helps shield the extensions from moisture, oils, dust, and other external factors that could weaken the adhesive bond. It collaborates with the adhesive to maintain the integrity of the attachment.


    The bonder helps maintain the flexibility of the extensions, allowing them to move naturally with your own lashes. This cooperation with the adhesive ensures that the extensions stay comfortable and don't become stiff or rigid.

    How to use:

    1. before commencing your lash set, apply 1 drop of super bonder to a micro brush/Lip brush. Start your set by evenly distributing to the natural lash about 1-2mm from the base of where you will be applying the lashes.
    2. We recommend waiting 1-2 minutes for the super bonder to dry before commencing your lash application. Once ready continue your set as normal and Expect FANS to attach a-lot faster and stick a lot better.
    3. Once you have completed your set, we recommend applying another drop just over the bases of what you have attached which will help reduce fumes dramatically and will help adhesive cure instantly.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Savannah M.

    I swear by this brand all their products are top quality and their customer service is amazing it’s hard to find a brand that has quality but products and good customer service. This is the best bonder I have used I have used many in the past that never dried fast enough this one is literally secondssss and glue is CURED. You can test it on a drop box glue and see for yourself how fast it dries up!

    Josie M.

    One of the most under rated products ever if you are lacking retention defs give this a go. It works wonders 😊

    Kaitlyn P.

    First of all how cute is the packaging! I apply this after I’m finished my sets and it instantly dries the glue which helps increase retention by 10 foldddd! Super happy with this product

    Paige J.

    This matched with the rapid bond glue is seriously something crazy I never had anymore stickies!!! I always struggled but this bonder has helped me heaps and with the rapid bond glue that dries in .05 secondssss the bomb THANK YOU LASH NATION FOR THIS PRODUCT😊

    Clarissa M.

    This bonder is ahhh amazing, it helps me achieve longer retention for my clients and it does wonders.. holy grail when it comes to a bonder