Lash nation Ultra Bond Adhesive 5ML + Premium Bonder 15ML
Lash nation Ultra Bond Adhesive 5ML + Premium Bonder 15ML
Lash nation Ultra Bond Adhesive 5ML + Premium Bonder 15ML
Lash nation Ultra Bond Adhesive 5ML + Premium Bonder 15ML

Lash nation Ultra Bond Adhesive 5ML + Premium Bonder 15ML

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Lash Nation Ultra Bond 5ML x Super Bonder 15ML

Purchase this powerful duo pack and produce 6-8 weeks lash retention for your clients

One of our most loved duo Lash Nation have to offer, featuring our beginner friendly adhesive ultra bond paired with our Super Bonder makes achieving 6-8 week retention a breeze. There's simply no other product on the market that can match the incredible results this dynamic duo delivers.

Ultra Bond adhesive is the ideal choice for both complete beginners and intermediate lash artists seeking a top-performing adhesive that consistently delivers outstanding results. The drying time of Ultra Bond provides an optimal balance, ensuring that you have enough time to dip your adhesive and apply the pre-made fan to the natural lash without the adhesive curing too rapidly.  However, our Super Bonder is versatile and suitable for lash artists at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Your business thrives on satisfied clients, so why risk them seeking better results elsewhere? Don't compromise on retention and give your clients a reason to stay by using this power house beginner friendly duo.

If you're looking for a similar duo but with a glue that has a faster drying time, we recommend exploring our Rapid Bond x Super Bonder pack.


1 x Rapid Bond Adhesive 5ML

Suitable for Intermediate to Advanced lash artists that are in the market for a high performing adhesive that can maximise work efficiency, give 5-6 week retention and to be with you every step of the way in building your lash empire one lash at a time.

Ultra Bond - 5ML


Experience Level


Retention Expectancy

5-6 weeks

Drying Time

0.5-1 Seconds

Room Temperature


Room Humidity




1 x Premium Bonder 15 ML.

Lash Nation's Super Bonder is the perfect choice for artists at all skill levels, from beginner to advanced professionals. Incorporating Lash Nation Super Bonder into your lash sets will increase your clients lash retention by 2-3 weeks, Reduce lash adhesive fumes during/after lash application and ultimately bring you immense confidence as a lash artist.



Experience Level


Shelf Life

6 Months when opened


Increase retention, Decrease adhesive fumes

Usage Per bottle

200+ Applications/clients


How to use SUPER BONDER:

    1. before commencing your lash set, apply 1 drop of super bonder to a micro brush/Lip brush. Start your set by evenly distributing to the natural lash about 1-2mm from the base of where you will be applying the lashes.
    2. We recommend waiting 1-2 minutes for the super bonder to dry before commencing your lash application. Once ready continue your set as normal and Expect FANS to attach a-lot faster and stick a lot better.
    3. Once you have completed your set, we recommend applying another drop just over the bases of what you have attached which will help reduce fumes dramatically and will help adhesive cure instantly.


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Chelsea L.

    No better duo than these two, using these combined have increased my clients retention. I always struggled with clients coming back with poor retention but I have officially fixed that problem

    Alysha V.

    THEEEE BEST!! I will never change products 😍