Lash Retention Issues?

Lash Retention Issues?

We all know being a Lash Artist comes with many responsibilities, especially a big one being able to give your client’s good lash retention! Let’s be honest we have all had one client (or two) message us in regards to having issues with their retention and believe me I know, it’s our worst nightmare!


Ok let’s take a few steps back, is this happening with one client or multiple? If it is only happening with one client there is a high chance she could be doing something wrong, rather than it being your fault. If this is the case than you should run her through the proper aftercare of lash extensions and educate her on how to take proper care of her lashes to maintain her retention.


Now, if it is a handful of client’s coming back with retention issues than the possibility of it being a problem on your behalf is a high chance, so let’s go through some of the most common problems when it comes to poor retention.


  • Not performing proper lash preparation before application – This step is super important and can sometimes be overlooked by lash artists. Making sure the natural lashes are completely clean of natural oils, mascara or any other make up before you start applying the lash extensions is crucial. Using a primer or lash shampoo beforehand is essential if your client has dirty lashes as we all know lash extensions don’t stick to DIRTY lashes! This is also why educating your clients on the proper aftercare is important and offering lash shampoo’s in your salon for purchase is a must!




  • Temperature & Humidity too high or low – You need to make sure you are using an adhesive that works within your salons temperature and humidity range. If your temperature and humidity is out of whack and not within its range that the adhesive requires this will cause problems with your adhesive which as we know is a super important component when it comes to applying lash extensions.




  • Using poor quality products – I know how tempting it is to want to save abit of money, and we sometimes lean towards the cheaper quality supplies BUT using cheaper supplies might seem like a good idea but this means the quality of the supplies could be very poor. Which can lead to poor retention due to the quality of the product that can lead to your client’s complaining about retention and also finding themselves a new lash artist! So, always think twice before purchasing those cheaper supplies and remember lash extensions are a luxury service which means we should be providing our client’s with premium quality products ALWAYS!



  • Quick service leading to poor application – Now we all can admit at the start of our journeys all we aimed to work on getting our lashing time down. 3 hour full set’s were a nightmare (am I right). Making sure you book your clients an appointment with enough time to do the service with the proper application is We do not want to rush the application because this makes the work messy and can cause the worst kind of retention issues! Using too much glue resulting in getting stickies throughout the set which will not only cause bad retention but also discomfort for your client.



  • Not changing your glue dot often – You need to change your glue dot every 15-30 minutes to ensure you are using fresh glue that has not been over exposed to air and moisture. By doing this often will help increase your retention as you are not using old stringy glue



  • Incorrect storage of glue – One of the main reasons glue doesn’t last is because lash artist don’t know how important it is to store your glue correctly. Glue’s need to be stored in a dark cool dry place away from direct sunlight this ensures the quality of the glue. If you are one of those lash artist that leave their glue in their trolley 247 you can bet that is probably why you are reading this right now (GIRL that’s the reason you are having retention issues!)


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